Meet our guest speakers for March’s SASS!

Can’t tell you how excited we are for S.A.S.S. Presents: The History of Booze on March 5th, starring these alcohol experts from Urban Oyster. 

Brian Hoffman on The History of Beer

Brian is a trained actor (and waiter by default) who in the 10 years he’s lived in New York has developed a passion for the city, its culture, and its food. There’s nothing he loves more than walking through the streets as the neighborhoods, people, and architecture change. In addition to giving tours, Brian has a food blog (Eat This NY) and web series where he searches for the most authentic and delicious food adventures in the city. His last feature entry focused on the best beer in New York City and his research sent him to breweries far and wide to taste their beer. It was brutal work.

David Naczycz on The History of Wine

David is a dedicated urbanist and amateur historian who loves cities and their histories. He has traveled to and lived in a number of cities all over the world and, everywhere he goes, he immerses himself in the history of that place. A resident of New York City for over ten years, David has a special interest in the world’s greatest city and its history. Now, through Urban Oyster, David has found a way to combine all the things that he loves: cities, history, sustainability, and food. David developed Urban Oyster’s Brewery Winery Distillery Tour and did extensive research into the history of wine in general as well as in New York City. He also is the leader of Urban Oyster’s Beer/Wine/Liquor tasting events. A food and beverage expert, he has honed his craft on years of study and hands on experience.

Joshua Wood on The History of Whiskey

Josh grew up in Rochester, New York, and after a short stint in Connecticut called college, relocated to the city. Since then he has been exploring all edges of the city looking for unique culinary opportunities. From out in queens to the heart of brooklyn to the shores of Staten Island, Josh has been tasting his way through one of the best cities in the world and then trying to recreate it all in his kitchen. Additionally, Josh fell in love with beer while learning to homebrew at Wesleyan University, and today is a prolific brewer of tasty suds. Who said you don’t learn anything practical in college? More recently Josh’s focus has turned to liquor as leader of Urban Oyster’s Brewery Winery Distillery tour Josh has jumped feet first into distilling. Not literally, not yet.

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