History of Booze in March with Urban Oyster! Woo!


As you may have guessed, we are pretty big fans of booze and booze-related endeavors here at S.A.S.S., so we have teamed up with the good folks at Urban Oyster Tours to bring you a lovely evening of lectures about the history of hooch.

Urban Oyster has lent some of their finest tour guides to educate us uwith three lectures on beer, wine and whiskey. These guys know their stuff!

BONUS: The chance to win tickets to Urban Oyster’s new spring waterfront tour.

What You need to know:

About Urban Oyster:

Amazing as it is to imagine now, New York Harbor may have once contained half the world’s oysters. Over time, however, many oyster beds died off due to pollution and over-consumption. Learning from this history, Urban Oyster was founded on the belief that, like oysters, the neighborhoods of New York are treasured resources that require nurturing and cultivation in order to survive and flourish.

Through dynamic hands-on tour and event experiences, Urban Oyster aims to connect people to the local treasures of this great city, and in doing so, promote an appreciation for the neighborhoods we inherit. Our Tours and Events explore how we can live in neighborhoods today in ways that support and value local production and consumption, cultural diversity, historic preservation, and sustainability for the benefit of generations to come.

Learn more here: http://www.urbanoyster.com/

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