Second Annual Sexy S.A.S.S.!!


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so we’re gonna have some sexy history lectures to help get you in the mood ;)

Where: Public Assembly

When: Tuesday, February 5th with doors at 7pm

Cost: Free!

Facebook Invite!


My Daguerreotype Boyfriend: The Lecture!

Michelle Legro tells us the history behind some of her favorite old-timey portraits of handsome gentlemen. You can get a sneak peek by checking out her super awesome blog.

But WHY did He Go to Jared’s?

SASS co-founder and resident gemologist, Anna Rasche, will tell you all about the origins of engagement rings, and why we still care about them today.

Houses of Ill Repute in the City that Never Sleeps

Columbia Grad Student, Angela Serratore, teaches us the history of brothels in the Big Apple. Hint: there were lots.


Audience members will get a chance to compete in our “Missed Connections of History” Trivia Game, and one lucky person will win two gift certificates to the Brooklyn Brainery so they can take their crush on a hot yet informative date!

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