Meet Zachary, Our Jewish History Expert!

Zachary Paul Levine has engaged with Jewish history and culture, usually as an incredulous observer, for much of his life. A recovering graduate student, Zachary’s expertise is in modern European Jewish history, especially Cold War eastern Europe. Yet, since escaping the mostly ambivalent clutches of the ivory tower’s guards, Zachary has worked as a curator at Yeshiva University Museum (YUM) developing contemporary art and history exhibitions.  

He recently curated It’s a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York and Beyond, which explores the history, culture, artistic interpretations, and divisive issues behind the Eruv, an invisible line surrounding many Jewish neighborhoods, which makes it possible for religious Jews to carry on the Sabbath. You heard correctly, an exhibition about an invisible line that makes carrying things ok. Check it at at the Center for Jewish History, 16th street near Union Square.

And of course, check Zachary out tomorrow night at SASS Presents: A Religious Experience at Public Assembly.

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