December Lecture: A Religious Experience

What you need to know:

Do you struggle to find meaning in the day-to-day? Are you confused about your purpose on this earth? Do you enjoy drinking beers on Tuesday evenings?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions
, S.A.S.S. may be the answer you’re looking for.

Come join our family, and experience the ecstasy of knowledge as we enlighten you about the origins of the Christian bible, explore the history of Judaism through some of its more unusual artifacts and delve into the history of the Church of Scientology.

Love Reading? Here are more details:

How the Bible Came to Be

I don’t know if you guys know this, but the Bible is a pretty big deal. Luckily, Jonathan Soma is here to explain how and why it was born.

Artifacts and Oddities in Jewish History

Zachary Levine examines a series of unusual artifacts on an enlightening journey through the world of Jewish history.

Xenu said WHAT?

Chris Hedick teaches us about L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology, because Knowing how to Know is the best.

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