Meet a July Speaker: Jason Eppink!

Jason Eppink is an American curator, designer, and prankster. His projects emphasize participation, mischief, surprise, wonder, generosity, transgression, free culture, and anti-consumerism, and they are staged in public spaces and online as street art, urban interventions, and playful online services and hoaxes, frequently for non-consenting audiences. 

Following his curation of The Reaction GIF, Jason will take us through the evolution of this favorite image format on July 8th at SASS.

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Meet a July Speaker: Laine Nooley!

Laine Nooney is a media archaeologist and cultural historian of video games and computers. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate at Stony Brook University. Her dissertation focuses on the history of Sierra On-Line and its female co-founder and lead designer, Roberta Williams. She also holds positions as the Editorial Assistant to the Journal of Visual Culture and the Assistant to the William Higinbotham Game Studies Collection. Laine has spoken internationally on women in game history, and has shared her research with NPR’s Marketplace, KillScreen, and NYU’s Game Center.

Catch this special Laine appearance at SASS on July 8th, when Laine will be talking about “When Computers Became Personal.”

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July Lecture: Our Internet, Ourselves

last supper jesus on a laptop we party

Update your google calendars, because this July SASS will be discussing computers, the Interweb and a few interesting niches that make use of these all-powerful tools of the future. #getsaucedatsass

Lectures Include:

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

When Computers Became Personal

Laine Nooney shares a cultural history of the gadgets and software that explain how people have begun to think about computers in wildly personal ways. 

Fun with GIFs!

Jason Eppink, associate curator of digital media at the Museum of the Moving Image, explores the wonderful world of GIFs.

"Sephiroth always wanted a Pikachu, so he sent out his Obama": Fan Fiction and the Internet

SASS alum, Joe Bernardi, returns with tails of the elaborate fan fiction communities that thrive online. 

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Meet a June Speaker: Maya Rook!

Maya Rook is a PhD student in Drew University’s History and Culture program. She recently served as a dramaturg for The Tower, a psychedelic tragedy about the Donner Party that was staged at Standard ToyKraft in Brooklyn this past April. She is currently using Twitter @DonnerDigest to document the daily travels of the Donner Party. In addition to pursuing her doctorate and contemplating cannibalism, Maya enjoys creating art, drinking wine, and watching 80s movies.

We’re thrilled to hear Maya tell the harrowing tale of the Donner Party. It’s going down on Tuesday, June 10th at SASS Presents: Wild, Wild West History!

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Meet a June Speaker: Erin Chapman!

Erin Chapman rides an old paint, can shoot a buffalo nickel at 60 paces, and downs rotgut that would make lesser men weep. She is also a video producer at the American Museum of Natural History and the co-creator/editor of The American Guide.

Saddle up for Erin’s talk on George Catlin’s Indian Gallery on Tuesday, June 10th. And hunker down two other talks and themed drink specials as SASS takes on The Wild, Wild West.

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