Meet a February Speaker: Camille Burford!


Camille Burford is the owner and head instructor at a whole different SASS organization: Sensual Aerobic Sculpting Studio, or SASS NY. Her classes and workshops are physically demanding while emphasizing a feminine approach to fitness. She also loves History, Boobs, and Tom Sellick circa 1984.

As those are three things that we can all agree on, we’re titilated about Camille’s lecture on Old Fashioned Boobs at February 11th’s 3rd Annual Sexy SASS. And as our friend Karen Smith forecasted, there’s a 30% chance that you’re already coming!

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Meet a February Speaker: Cori Carl!


Cori Carl is the co-founder and Captain of Team Dying Alone. Thanks to OKCupid, she has 1/4 of her weight in cats. She is a regular at the Mid-Manhattan Library. 

On February 11Cori’s going to tell all you SASS / OkCupid regular about The History of Dying alone and what you too can expect! Then find a nice dark corner to stand in for lectures on other sexy topics, drink specials, and a late night reading of historic erotica!

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Third Annual Sexy SASS

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, don’t try to fight it. Give in to your sentimental side. Come hang out at the Third Annual Sexy SASS and let yourself be swept away by romantic history lectures. The evenings topics include:

BONUS: Stick around when the lectures are through for SASS After Hours. Listen to readings of historic romance novels by professional erotica narrators as you mingle with like minded history nerds and enjoy the Bedford’s yummy bar menu. We can’t promise you’ll meet your soul mate, but let’s be honest, you probably will.

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

The History of Peep Shows, Featuring NYC

Angela Serratore, a Sexy SASS veteran, teaches us the history of peep shows. Who knew there’s more to it than just “Lace” in Times Square?!

Old Fashioned Boobs

Camille Burford, host of HGTV’s “Design Wars’ investigates how our perception of boobs and the garments that hold them up has changed throughout the years.

The History of Dying Alone

Cori Carl, the captain of Team Dying Alone, has made it her mission  to relate the history of dying alone to us all. If we’re lucky, she’ll also include tips on how to be the best cat lady you can be.

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We <3 NY Times’ New York Today Section

Mostly because we’ve gotten not one but two shoutouts! 

It’s the closest we’ve come to being in The Grey Lady, and the closest the “United Nations” and “The Society For The Advancement of Social Studies” will ever be. Needless to say, we’re pretty damn stoked.

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Meet a January Speaker, Meredith Worrilow!


Meredith Worrilow is 100% Nerd. A consumer researcher by trade, she digs fact finding and cultural anthropology—which she believes was triggered by early exposure to the show COPS. When she’s not getting into other people’s heads, she’s busy reading, writing, and doing arithmetic.

Join the lovely Meredith for her lecture “Killer Parties: Funerary Celebrations”, where she’ll gives us a brief history of how mourners throughout the ages have used funerary to celebrate life and cope with death. Plus, raging Romans and crackdowns on electronic parties- all on January 14th at SASS!

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