December Lecture: The History of Really Big Things


Your waistline won’t the be the only really big thing this holiday season, because this month at SASS our speakers taking on some gargantuan topics:

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

The History of Sky Scrapers

Patrick Lamson brings us tall tales of giant buildings. Some of which may or may not have been built to compensate for something.

Giants of Norse Mythology

Jonathan Soma will take you through the greatest hits and biggest scandals of Norse Mythology. 

 Dreaming Big: Utopian Communities in America

Joe Bernardi gives you all the facts on the best utopian communities ever. It’s a very big topic.

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New Lecture Location: The Bedford

Know this: in Nov and months following, we’ll be hosting The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies in the back room of The Bedford. We’re back to Tuesdays, too, so watch out for SASS every second Tuesday of the month

SASS is looking forward to more awesome lectures, the beautiful space, actual themed cocktail specials, and a bar with a ladder like the one in the Beauty & the Beast library

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Meet a November Speaker: Brian Polk!


Brian Polk is a researcher and consultant for the Ford Foundation in its Education, Creativity & Free Expression unit. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in American history and literature in 2009. Brian also performs improv, storytelling, and sketch comedy all around New York City, and (surprise, surprise) you can follow him on twitter @clemenko.

Get schooled Civil War-style by Brian on Nov 12 at SASS Presents: American History Mythbusters!

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American History Mythbusters: November 12th at The Bedford

Get ready to disown your middle school social studies book as SASS investigates some commonly held misconceptions of American History.

The evening’s speakers will cover controversies surrounding:

- What ACTUALLY went down at the First Thanksgiving
- The real reasons the American Civil War had to be a thing
- Debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are More Details:

The Myth of the First Thanksgiving

Sally Dankas will tell you all about that time when the Pilgrims crashed into Plymouth Rock and were rescued by Native Americans and then everyone ate pumpkin pie and lived happily ever after.

The American Civil War was not About States’ Rights

Brian Polk explains why the Civil War was definitely absolutely positively 100% about slavery.

How do we Know what Happened on 9/11?

Using the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 as an example, Mark Roberts reveals how critical thinking can be used to counter those who would falsely revise history.

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