Meet a January Speaker, Mike O’Brien!

Mike O’Brien spends his days writing, ferreting out arcana, delving into the more remote regions of eschatology, and spreading disinformation about marine life via @REALmarinefacts. He knows more than most but less than many about the Ancient World. He pretty much has a BA in Political Science from Hunter College

Come learn more about the Ancient World’s party antics from Mike at SASS Presents: The History of Partying on January 14th!

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Meet a January Speaker, Max Pearl!

Max Pearl is the founder and senior editor of Cluster Mag—which coincidentally just published its Parties Issue. He is also the managing editor of VICE’s electronic music channel, THUMP.

Come party down with Max on January 14th at SASS Presents: The History of Partying! Max will be looking into crackdowns on electronic music dance parties in The Criminalization of Repetitive Beats and the Ongoing War against Bumpin’ Dance Parties.

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January Lecture: The History of Partying


Are you sad that the Holiday party season is coming to an end? Well don’t fret because, yes, Virgina, there is a January SASS and it’s ALL ABOUT PARTIES.

Our totally bitchin’ lecture line up includes:

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

Patricians, Plebs or Pious … Who Partied Hardest?

Senators, mystery cults or the unwashed masses: Mike O’Brien settles once and for all who will rage supreme in the battle to be named ancient Rome’s most excellent partiers.

The Criminalization of Repetitive Beats

Max Pearl explains the ongoing crackdown on dance music events, from British acid house raves of the 80s to the current commercialization / commodification of dance music today. 

The Parting Glass

Meredith Worrilow tells us how people throughout the ages have used partying to deal with death.

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Lecture Update


One of our speakers had to cancel last minute, but don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you hanging! Brooklyn Brainery co-founder and bff of SASS, Jonathan Soma has stepped up to bring you big things from Norse mythology- the biggest things of them all!

Join us at The Bedford tonight for lectures on Skyscrapers, Big Dreams (Utopian Communities in America complete with free birth control lessons) and now Giants of Norse Mythology. See you later!

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Meet a December Speaker, Patrick Lamson-Hall!

Patrick Lamson-Hall is a researcher at New York University. He is currently working on an urban expansion project in Ethiopia and a paper about historical population densities in Manhattan. He hails from the great state of Oregon.

Listen to Patrick expand your mind as he talks about the history of skyscrapers this Tuesday at SASS!

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