Meet a June Speaker: Maya Rook!

Maya Rook is a PhD student in Drew University’s History and Culture program. She recently served as a dramaturg for The Tower, a psychedelic tragedy about the Donner Party that was staged at Standard ToyKraft in Brooklyn this past April. She is currently using Twitter @DonnerDigest to document the daily travels of the Donner Party. In addition to pursuing her doctorate and contemplating cannibalism, Maya enjoys creating art, drinking wine, and watching 80s movies.

We’re thrilled to hear Maya tell the harrowing tale of the Donner Party. It’s going down on Tuesday, June 10th at SASS Presents: Wild, Wild West History!

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Meet a June Speaker: Erin Chapman!

Erin Chapman rides an old paint, can shoot a buffalo nickel at 60 paces, and downs rotgut that would make lesser men weep. She is also a video producer at the American Museum of Natural History and the co-creator/editor of The American Guide.

Saddle up for Erin’s talk on George Catlin’s Indian Gallery on Tuesday, June 10th. And hunker down two other talks and themed drink specials as SASS takes on The Wild, Wild West.

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June Lecture: The Wild, Wild West


 SASS is kicking off Summer by celebrating the history of the Wild West! The evening’s dang ol’ lectures will include:

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

Ain’t No Party Like a Donner Party

Guys, sometimes getting off route just HAPPENS. Maya Rook explains how the Donner Party handled it. 

Legends and Folk Heroes of the American West

Jonathan Soma teaches us the origins of some of the West’s  best loved characters and tall tales. 

George Catlin’s Indian Gallery

At a time when most white men were busy trying to destroy Native American culture, the well-intentioned George Catlin was recording the great tribes’ vanishing traditions… and then turning them into a morally questionable traveling show. Erin Chapman tells us his story.

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Meet a May Speaker: Jonah Levy!

Jonah Levy was born and raised in Brooklyn and has worked as a tour guide for far too long. He is also the Project Director for the Center for the Holographic Arts as well as Hearts of the World. Jonah likes cynical and cyclical history. 

Get ready for a very special night with Jonah as he talks about Intrigue and Explosions in NYC on May 11th at SASS. There will be other lectures on Government Assassination Conspiracies and Scams, plus themed drink specials.

Afterwards, be sure to visit the new Holocenter location on Governors Island. You can find it in House 4B on Nolan Park from Memorial Day Weekend till August 11th, open Saturdays and Sunday from 12pm-6pm.

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May Lecture: Conspirators and Confusion


What has strange explosions, aspiring anarchists, mistaken identities and crazy plot twists? No, not the next Bond movie: it’s the May 2014 SASS, of course! This month’s lectures are:

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

US Government Assassination Conspiracies

Patrick Lamson-Hall investigates some of the skeletons in Uncle Sam’s closet and reveals the motivations behind a few famous assassinations. 

Total Scams

Becky Sandler, scam expert and vigilante, alerts us to the gotchas that got our grandparents, including ponzi schemes and other frauds.

Explosive Plots in NYC

What do Nazis, leftist student groups and the Confederate army have in common? Jonah Levy explains.

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