Meet a September Speaker: Jamie Hoffman!

Jamie is a self-proclaimed aesthete with a B.A. in Art History. She has dabbled in museum education at The New Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and currently gets paid for her taste as a home décor buyer with UncommonGoods. Her hobbies include being obsessed with elephants, learning to ride a bike, and making art interesting to people whose “kid could do it”.

Jamie’s talk, “Crazy In Love: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera” modernizes one of art’s most notorious relationships by way of sex, lies, and (anachronistic) videotape. Catch it on Sept 9.

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September Lecture: Power Couples of History!


When it comes to making history, sometimes it takes two. Join us in raising a couple of glasses to the couples who led their way into each other’s hearts.

Lectures Include:

What You Need to Know:

Lecture Low-Down:

Radiating Love: Marie and Pierre Curie

Laura Hayner covers the power couple who took their work home with them, proving two brains are better than one, and radium-laden love is way more fun!

President Passions

Brian Polk reveals the First Ladies (and misters?) that led the nation behind the scenes. Learn about the Command-hers in Chief that made the presidents so powerful.

Crazy In Love: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera 

Jamie Hoffman will paint us a picture of the tortured artist couple and show us how their work together helped make for incredible artworks.

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Brooklyn Brainery Presents: Show Us Your Junk on August 20th

The Brainery’s hosting their very first night of show and tell at Union Hall on August 20th. Of course, the most important part of any show and tell is you (and your object!), and they’d love to see what you’ve got.

Prefer to just look at other peoples’ junk? That’s cool, because what’s a show and tell without an audience?

 For Full Event Details, CLICK HERE!


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August Lecture: BadAss Monarchs!

It’s time for our third annual Battle of the BadAsses, and this year the audience decides which historical monarch is the most badass of all! This year’s battle features:

      Empress Regnant Irene vs. Charlemagne vs. Queen Elizabeth I

Which supreme ruler with reign supreme? Only YOU can decide!

What You Need to Know:

Love Reading? Here are more details:

Empress Regnant Irene of Byzantium

He already told us why Ancient Romans were the hardest partiers in history, now Mike O’Brien reps Empress Regnant Irene as the most badass monarch in history. 


Carly Silver fights for the Holy Roman Emperor who only needed one name.

Elizabeth the 1st of England

Jaimie Carreiro takes the stage on behalf of Elizabeth I to explain why she deserves to be crowned all over again as most badass monarch. 

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Meet a July Speaker: Jason Eppink!

Jason Eppink is an American curator, designer, and prankster. His projects emphasize participation, mischief, surprise, wonder, generosity, transgression, free culture, and anti-consumerism, and they are staged in public spaces and online as street art, urban interventions, and playful online services and hoaxes, frequently for non-consenting audiences. 

Following his curation of The Reaction GIF, Jason will take us through the evolution of this favorite image format on July 8th at SASS.

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