May Lecture: Conspirators and Confusion

What has strange explosions, aspiring anarchists, mistaken identities and crazy plot twists? No, not the next Bond movie: it’s the May 2014 SASS, of course! This month’s lectures are:

What You Need to Know:

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US Government Assassination Conspiracies

Patrick Lamson-Hall investigates some of the skeletons in Uncle Sam’s closet and reveals the motivations behind a few famous assassinations. 

Trading Faces

They say everyone has a doppelgänger, but sometimes it goes too far. Becky Sandler tells us some strange cases of familiar faces.

Explosive Plots in NYC

What do Nazis, leftist student groups and the Confederate army have in common? Jonah Levy explains.

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Meet an April Speaker: Sarah Byrd!

Sarah Byrd is a fashion historian and archivist. She’s had a life-long interest in all things “old,” especially people and dresses. She’d like to thank the original cast of MTV’s House of Style and Lauren Ezersky for her current career path.

Sarah will indulge us in The How-Tos of Looking Good: A History of Editorial Fashion tonight at SASS Presents: The History of Looking Hot!

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Meet an April Speaker: Carly Silver!

Carly Silver is an editorial assistant at Harlequin Books, where she (wishfully) hangs out with Fabio all day. An ancient history enthusiast, she graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University, and can most often be found in used bookstores or playing with puppies.

On April 8th, Carly will enlighten us to the ways of the ancients with her talk “Staying Hot in Ancient Egypt.” See you at SASS!

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April Lecture: The History of Looking Hot!


It’s just about that time of the year when we get to emerge from our hygiene hibernation and prepare ourselves for spring in the city! Makes you wonder, is this all this primping and prodding unique to us contemporary cosmopolitans, or have our ancestors struggled to keep it pulled together for decades?

Featuring historical hotness talks on:

What You Need to Know:

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Staying Hot in Ancient Egypt

Before they were mummies, they were hotties! Carly Silver gives us all the lowdown on what it took to make Cleopatra and her cohorts so irresistible.

Victorians, John Ruskin, and the Hair Down There

Michelle Legro shares one of history’s greatest tales about getting tail, and what it reveals about Victorian pubic grooming.

The How-Tos of Looking Good: A History of Editorial Fashion

Now that we’ve had the textile revolution, how the heck do you decide what to wear? Sarah Byrd takes us back to the European court’s version of Hot or Not, and all the way to modern fashion editorials.

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March Lecture: Transportation Fails

The 20th century was a time of unprecedented advancements in transportation technologies. With the industrial revolution in full swing, inventors, investors and engineers pushed the boundaries of possibility. Of course, some of them fucked it up royally.This month, we’ll be honoring some of the more epic lapses in judgement with talks on:

The H.M.S. Titanic vs. an Iceberg 

Ach du Lieber: The Tale of the Good Ship Hindenburg

Odd Cargo Spills through the Ages

What You Need to Know:

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Titanic vs. Iceberg

Glenna Abend explains why the “unsinkable” ship ended up being spectacularly sinkable. 

The Good Ship Hindenberg

Want to cross the Atlantic but still afraid of ships after that unsettling Titanic incident? Why not try an airship? Whitney Johnson has all the answers. 

Odd Cargo Spills

Trucks tip over, cargo ships sink, Reema Hijazi is here to tell you some of the strangest stuff that ever fell out of them. 

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